TiGr® Mini Titanium Lock

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TiGr® Mini Titanium Lock

Price: $99.00

High security bicycle lock that doesn't weigh you down as you ride.
Light, Flexible, Easy to Carry and Versatile
Comes with mounting bracket for easy storage as you ride.
Anti-Pick Rotary Disc locking cylinder housed in a stainless steel casing. Hand Crafted in USA

Weighs 0.9 pounds or 14.4oz compared to 3-4lb U lock with similar security levels.
Length: 10.5 inches
Width: 1.25 inches

Long enough to accommodate one wheel and frame secured to rack

Stores on the bike frame

Fits in a backpack

TiGr® Locks provide a very high level of security for your bicycle. The locks consist of a lock Cylinder and a titanium construction.

Stainless Steel housing
Rotary 7-disc locking mechanism
1.0 x 1.8 in (25 x 46mm), 5.0 oz (140g)
TITANIUM Constuction
1.25 inches wide x 0.13 in (32 x 3.3 mm)

Titanium actually has the "highest strength-to-weight" ratio of any metal. There are also no known health risks with Titanium. Since the metal is almost always pure, lead and other contaminants are absent.

Will it scratch my bike, or rattle while I ride?

No, it is easy to avoid avoid scratching. The clear PVC coating on the lock protects your bike from scratches.

Can withstand multiple bolt cutter attacks. Takes twice as long to grind through than comparable U Locks with an angel grinder or hand saw.