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182,000+ followers on our account. 

We grow at an average rate of 1500+ new followers every 7 days and receive 3.5 Million total impressions every 7 days.

Each one of our posts can receive anywhere from 40,000-100,000+ impressions depending on the content and we average around 2.6k likes per post.

Our audience is 85% Male and  15% Female.

Our biggest age group audience is 18-35 years old.

All ads will need to be approved and fit into our IG feed theme of all things bike. Ads need to be natural and appeal to our target audience for best results.

All posts also get automatically posted to our blog account with 5000+ followers for some extra exposure.

Send us an email to get rates for advertising on a per post payment basis.

Below is a comparison to 3 other top Cycling brands in terms of engagement.

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